Thursday, 8 August 2013

Favourite Youtube Beauty Guru's - Updated!

Hello you lovely lot, one of my first ever posts I wrote included my favourite Beauty guru's on YouTube, with that being nearly a year ago now and having discovered a load more amazing talent on the interweb I thought I'd do an update! 

I luuuurv YouTube, I watch more YouTube than Tele. I find it entertaining and educational and it's gotten me through a very hard time so with out further a do here are my YouTube faveys, I hope this helps you discover some new amazing talent to watch!! 

My first pick is my ABSOLUTE FAV YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, I judge this by the fact if I see she's uploaded I'll stop what I'm doing to watch her. Her channel is so Make Up based and that's what I love, she's worked at Mac and has some amazing ideas and techniques. The rest aren't in any particular order :)

Kathleen from Kathleen Lights - I think she's pretty new to YouTube but her videos are brilliant, very informative and she's just got a lovely personality, which is another must to me!! I can't watch someone who bores me!! 

Allison from Allinicoleee - Another fav due to her brilliant Make Up skills, another channel totally dedicated to her love of Make Up!

Tanya Burr - I think there's a pattern forming ha, another channel I love because of her Make Up ideas and tutorials.

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter - Is still beauty based but isn't a channel full of tutorials, Louise uploads more hauls, reviews and life videos. She's such an easy watch and ALWAYS makes me laugh! And baby Glitter is to die for, soooooo cute!

Judy and her adorable family from It's Judy's life - I discovered Judy on her beauty channel but since then have fallen in love with her little adorable family and their daily vlogs.

Sammie from Sammie460 - A very recent discovery but I had to include her channel, very informative videos with a really easy to watch personality.

Lauren Curtis - Lauren creates very dramatic Make Up looks buuut that's what I like soooo. 

Nicole Guerriero - Nicole does a good mixture of tutorials and hauls, reviews, etc. Another lovely personality to watch!

Melmphs - I have to be honest and say it did take me a little while to like BLA BLA but now I love her super happy personality, she's a joy to watch!

Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo - Everybody and their dog watches Sam and BLA BLA but I had to include them! another purely Make Up based channel with LOADS of amazing content, tips, ideas and inspiration.

Sharon Farrell - Sharon creates amazing looks and is super talented!! 

So there we go, my favourite YouTube Guru's. I didn't include any from my previous post but they are also included in this list, you can read that here but please don't mind the terrible post :/ 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NC15 or NW15?! How to pick the correct shade of foundation at MAC...

Unfortunately for me I am able to write this blog post, unfortunate because I have tried and tested resulting in some major foundation 'tide lines' ah we've all been there! So I want to help all you gals or guys out there so you don't have the same problemo - just too nice arn't I. 

So when it comes to picking ANY foundation not just MAC you need to work out what colour undertone your skin has, this has nothing to do with what shade of foundation you are, this is whether you have a Pink undertone or a Yellow undertone. To work out your undertone there are a number of things you can do, first of just have a look at yourself in a mirror with no make up on, you'll be able to see if you have a more Pinky tone to your skin or a Yellow tone, I don't mean full on pink just a hint of one or the other. Don't worry If you can't tell and it's not obvious that just means you probably have a neutral undertone which is just a mix between Pink and Yellow. If you have a neutral undertone the best way to work out what colour undertone foundation to go for is with your jewellery, do you suit Silver or Gold more? If you suit Silver more and it brings life to your face then you should go for a pink undertone foundation and if you suit Gold then you should go for a Yellow undertone foundation. Another way is to go off the colour of your veins, if you have blue veins then your a pink undestone and if there Green then your Yellow, my veins personally are Purple and Green so I always go for a Yellow undertone foundation. Don't be fooled that you have to have a darker more tanned skin colour to have a Yellow undertone, I'm pale and I have a Yellow undertone, yes it's harder to find pale Yellow undertone foundations but that's why Mac and other high end foundations are good due to there wide variety of colours, where drug store foundations don't always have a lot of colours and undertones to pick from. So to narrow that down a litte, Yellow undertone skin = Yellow undertone Foundation, Pink undertone skin = Pink undertone foundation and like I said before it's not a obvious Pink or Yellow just a subtle undertone.

Now to MAC, living in my tiny town we don't have a MAC store and the nearest MAC counter is in Manchester so I have had to work it out for myself. I have been to MAC and got 'matched' but she matched me with the total wrong colour, she matched me with a Pink undertone foundation when I am a Yellow but you know what it's like in them stores, you think they have to be right and I always feel soooooo uncomfortable at the counters I just agreed but getting home and using the foundation to find it was the complete wrong undertone was just a ball ache, especially when these foundations arn't cheap! 

So, NW or NC?!

At Mac they have NW then what ever shade and NC and what ever shade. NC stands for Cool which are the Yellow undertone foundations and NW stands for Warm which are the Pink undertones. I hope people are following this ha. As you can see in the picture above there is a massive difference between the two considering there is only two shades difference between them. The NW18 is the colour I was matched with in the store and as you can see is not my colour, I could 100% wear a NC18 but because of the Pink undertone of the NW it looks far to orange on my skin, where as the NC15 matches me perfect because of the Yellow undertone. Once you decided whether you are a NW or a NC then you can pick your number, obviously the lower the number the lighter the shade of foundation. Never just think oh I'm super pale so I'll just go for the first one.

Just another example just to show you the difference, below are the same SHADE of foundation but in the two different undertones, you can see how the NW is more pink! 

So to sum up - 

  • Determine your skins undertone, Yellow or Pink?
  • NC = Yellow
  • NW = Pink
  • Pick your shade

Bish Bash Bosh your good to go! Hope this helps :D

Monday, 8 April 2013

Make up look - Gold Smokey Eye using Urban Decay Naked.

Yes I went MIA AGAIN but I needed a break, bloggin is meant to be fun and I blog because I enjoy it and it's a hobby and I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to blog so instead of writing absolute codswallop I thought I'd wait until I'm feeling it, getting the bloggin' vibe and BAM today I got it back so here I am with a make up look that I actually did weeks ago but like I said, no vibes, nooo blog post! 

So this is a gold smokey eye with a nude lip using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, every farmer and their dog have this palette so I'm sure it's something people can recreate or probably have already done something along these lines anywho but heyhoo! If you don't have the Naked palette then the MUA undressed palette is a absolute spot on dupe for this palette it's actually redonk, surely that's breaking some kind of law but let's not get into that ha. 

1. 'Sidecare' in the inner corner on the lid. 

2. 'Half Baked' all over the lid.

3. 'Smog' on the outter V on the lid.

4. Using 'Buck' in the crease to blend. BLEND BLEND BLEND.

5. I used 'Blackout' from the Naked 2 but just use any matte black on the outter part of the lid, bringing it close to the lash line and blending it a little through the crease. 

6. 'Half Baked' on the lower lash line on the inner part of the eye 'Smog' in the middle then 'Blackout' on the outter part connecting it to the black on the lid.

7. Use 'Sidecare' as a brow high light and then line the lash line with a black liner and wing out only a tiny bit. 

Finish with mascara and lashes and you are done!

On the rest of my face - 
L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation
Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contouring 
MUA blusher in shade one
L'oreal Paris Telescopic mascara
E.L.F Eyebrow kit
Lipstick - MAC Angel 

I used Mac Angel on the lips which is a frosty nude, I love this lipstick but can only wear it when I have a slight more of a tan otherwise it washes me out :( 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Make up look - Classic pin up look, plus tips and tricks for perfecting winged eyeliner!

WHAAAAAA it's me again... finally!!!!!! Where the frigg have I been?! Honestly I don't know, wish I could say it's been a crazy couple of weeks and I've just been far to busy to blog but nope not the case, I think I've just been lazy :/ whoops!!! 

Make up look blog posts seem to be the most 
gpopular so I thought a make up look would be a good post to do on my return ha :D I won't bore you with a mahosive introduction and just get on with the look. 

The eye shadow:

1. I wanted the lid to be nice and light so I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk all over my lid.

2. Blend blend blend the milk and set with a white or light eye shadow. 

3. I used the Naked palette to add some depth to my crease. First of I used Naked on a 217 blending brush, blending it back and forth in the crease, not being to precise then using Buck on the same brush in the crease focusing more colour on the outter bit of your eye and blend blend blend!!   

The eye liner: 

YES that is sellotape on my face! If you struggle with eyeliner then my first tip is to use sellotape, sellotape gives you a guide line for your wing and makes it easier to draw a straight line! Second tip is to use Gel eye liner and a winged liner brush or fine liner brush! 

1. Take some sellotape and put it on the back of your hand so it's not super sticky round your eye area. Like I said your using this sellotape and a guide line so you need to place it where you feel you want you wing to go, you could line it up with your eyebrow or have it on more of a straight angel. I lined the sellotape up with my lower lash line, if your struggling to find the right angel then go with lining it up with your lower lash line as this will always suit your eye shape.

2. Using a Gel liner start the liner, I used Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner simply because it's amazing, by far my favourite eye liner. I normally start in the middle of my eye right at the lash line then the inner corner joining up, at first you just want to draw a simple line, making it thinker later. 

3. Now draw your wing, as high or low as you like joining it with the line on your lid. Don't worry about going over the sellotape as that's what it's for! 

Now is the time to make your line thinker, close your eye, place your brush the middle of the wing you created and make it thinker from there, drawing on an angle.

Time for mascara and lashes, Can't remember the number of these lashes but there Eyelure one's. I also added the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my lower lash line to really open up my eyes! 

Finish of with a bold lipstick, the typical colour of course being Red. I recently bought Mac Impassioned, a really bright bold pink so I used that for a bit of a change. 

On the rest of my face - 

Revlon Colour Stay for Normal/Dry Skin
Mac Pro longwear Concealer 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contouring 
MUA blusher in shade one
L'oreal Paris Telescopic mascara
E.L.F Eyebrow kit

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mac Rebel; review and swatches plus Kate Moss 107 comparison.

Ohhhh pretty lipstick!! Everyone say hello to Rebel, a very well known lippy in the bloggin' world simply because it is god damn beautiful! Rebel is one of Mac's Satin finish lipsticks which means it's longer lasting, full coverage and is kind of Matte but is a lot more creamier then the Matte range of lipsticks.

Rebel is ubber pigmented and as you can see in the picture is a plum purple colour. What you see is what you get with this colour, often the colour doesn't transfer the same on the lips and ends up looking a lot more sheer but not with this one. 

The longevity of this lipstick is amazing, I can put this on in the morning and by the end of the day I'll have a Rebel stain on my lips. I wore this lipstick to a meal recently and it even stayed on after eating and drinking!! 

Over all I love this lipstick, definitely my most reached for lipstick when I'm getting ready for a meal or night out!

Rebel in action after eating! 

A lot of people say that Rimmel Kate Moss 107 is a dupe for Rebel but in all honesty I don't think it is. Like I said Rebel is a deep plum purple colour where as Kate Moss 107 is a reddy wine colour, yes they are both dark vampy colours but totally different types of vampy.

On the left is Kate Moss 107 and on the right is Rebel. Kate Moss 107 is a gorgeous colour and is one my favorite lipsticks, Kate Moss is a velvety matte finish and last's all day. For a lipstick that costs £5.49 it is super pigmented and is a really lovely lipstick. 

Have you tried either of these lipsticks? Love them as much as I do?!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Spot zapping gel that actually works!

How are all you lovely lot?! I've had a crazy week, well for me anyway with lots of different plans and now it's Friday afternoon I can finally take some time to blog!! First of this week I started the process of Befriending which I talked about here so that's exciting. Secondly on Tuesday I attended my local college and took part in a Bridal Make Up short course which was just for the day and was brilliant, for me to be some where for a whole SIX HOURS on my own with out my normal security blanket otherwise known as my family was super duper scary but I did it, I did get anxious but I ignored it and completed the course. I think when you really want something and you genuinely want to be there it makes your anxiety seem insignificant and the want over powers the need to leave so yeh that was exciting and has given me a taste for courses and now I'm google mad trying to find more make up courses which is proving difficult in my little town to find! My boyfriend's mum actually signed me up for the course with out telling me as she attends the college full time studying massage therapy so when she attended college the next day the tutor I had on Tuesday went to find Carol to tell her that I have a natural amazing ability with make up and that I will go far with it so that was mahoosive ego boost ha not very often we get one of them is it! well that was a long into, can tell I don't get out much eh!

Today I want to talk about Lush's Grease Lightening Spot Treatment, I've had this one bottle which you can get here for £5.95 for 45g for well over 5 months and there's still half left so I feel I am in the position to finally give me honest opinion on it and in my opinion its bloody amazing! 

Grease Lightning is a gel that you put on your face to fight spots. Lush uses Carrageen moss and seaweed to make the clear gel as seaweed is very softening and won't dry out the skin. Grease lightning also contains Aloe Vera gel to soothe and mousturise, seawater for antiseptic properties, Grape juice to cool and calm the skin, Thyme, Rosemary and tea tree herb infusion are used for the gel to be antibacterial, Which Hazel and Tea Tree oil which is a powerful antiseptic. Everything it claims to do it does, the gel isn't drying at all if anything it kind of makes it smoother and it really does get rid of your spots, I think its the Tea Tree. Tea Tree is the best kind of oil, it gets rid of everything like cold sores and spots.

The gel is clear so goes on clear and wet which then drys, it does dry flaky but I only use this at night time so that't not a problem. It says to just put it on your spots but I take one pump to each area of my face, all over! I think this works better as it prevents any new spots sprouting their ugly heads. If I don't use this for just one night I will wake up with spots that's how bad my skin is at the moment so using this every night after cleansing, toner and moisturiser is a must. 

This product really does work and I have tried everything to keep my spots at bay! Highly recommended product!! 

Have you tried Grease Lightening and fallen in love like I have?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Make up look - Dramatic cat eye cut crease with glitter, using Urban Decay Naked 2

Welcome Jasmin or Min Min as we like to call her to my blog :)

So my little Sister Jasmin came round for tea last night, tea turned into her staying over and staying over meant I could do some make up on her, normal thing to do to your lil sis right?! I love doing my make up and as I want to pursue it as a career I take every chance to do my sisters make up so I can practice on someone I can make mistakes on. Doing something else's make up is so different to doing your own but so enjoyable!! I find it really calming in a way because I have to really focus on what I'm doing my mind just can't focus on anything else. I needed to practice doing eye liner on someone else, so we opted for this rather dramatic cat eye cut crease look and of course I thought I would blog about it :)

The first step to this look is creating the outline, I used Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner and my Sigma eye liner brush to create the shape. As you can see I did a normal winged eye line, extended it past the tear duct and drew a line above Jasmin's natural crease to create what is called a cut crease. Once you have your shape the rest is easy. I'd suggest drawing the line you draw to create the cut crease with you eyes open so you can see how it will look, making sure it's not too straight and has a nice curve to it. 

Next I put Verve from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette all over her lid up to the pretend crease, I chose Verve because we added silver glitter later on but you can pick what ever colour you fancy. 

After that I added Blackout from the Naked 2 palette on top of the eyeliner, making the line more intense, thinker and blended. I didn't blend the blackout as much as I normally would as I wanted an intense line. 

I don't think you can really tell in the picture but I added NYX Glitter on the go - Crystal to the lid. Using Mac's Fix+ on a brush to make the glitter stick to the lid.  

We then thought we may's well go for a little more drama so I extended the black to create a winged eye liner affect, taking it up to the eyebrow, this really extended Jasmin's natural eye shape. 

Add some lashes and there you go, a really dramatic, cat eye, glitter look. I really liked this look and if you've got the confidence to do it then go for it, it's a great look to change to any eye shape by just moving where you draw the fake crease, making this wearable for everyone!!

On the rest of Min Min's face - 

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer 
Mac Pro longwear Concealer - under her eyes
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Sleek Blush by 3 - Suger 364
Rimmel Apocalips - Luna (review here)

This look does look more complicated than it is, it's super easy and I didn't use a lot of products, just as long as you get the cut crease in the correct place then your good to go.