Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fav YouTube guru's

So, YouTube in my opinion is an absolute GOD SEND!! If like me you are a visual learner then you will love this blog post :)

Last year when my anxiety started I had so much time on my hands from not being able to work or go out, gee whizz I was bored!! But I discovered YouTube Make Up Guru's and have been in love ever since, I have learnt sooooo much from the YouTube Guru's so I want to share with you a few of my fav's - I love watching their videos, honestly I'll go to bed start watching some videos and next minute its 3am, see obsessed haha. 

So heres my fav's :)

1. The Make Up Chair - I love Sinead's videos because there 'do able' so if your just starting out with Make Up she's the best place to start. She lives in Ireland so love her accent and she always updates her channel! She is a professional Make Up artist but never uses high end redic expensive products, she loves drug store so its really easy to recreate her looks! Below is a link to one of my fav videos of hers :)

2. Beauty by Carli Bybel - Carli's videos are a lot more intense, dramatic and just bloody stunning!!!! honestly she is officially thee beautifulest person I have ever seen, with out sounding like a weirdo stalker ha. I love the looks she does as I personally love experimenting and using bold colours and having dramatic eyes, she's defo worth a watch! Although she does use a lot of MAC and high end products, but I'm going to do one of her looks myself using drug store products and show you how I got her look :)

3. Kandeejohnson - Kandee, again is amazing! I love watching her videos she does brill make up and she's HUGE in America. I like Kandee's channel because she does everything from make up to hair to cooking, so this is an everything, just happy channel rather than just a 'learn how to do make up' channel! I always feel happier after watching her video's, she's so bubbly and happy, everyone needs a Kandee in their lives! And she's truly inspiring, she lost her dad this year and she's done a few videos on how to cop etc. If you want to be inspired she's worth a watch!

4. gossmakeupartist - I personally dont watch this YouTube channel for different Make Up looks, this channel is more to do with techniques and really good explanations on how to contour and high light your face - which ladies is a MUST!!!! He has loads of videos on Kim K's Make Up, its amazing what Kim's Make Up artist does to her, so heres how you learn to do the Kim K amazing cheek bones and her infamous under eye glow! 

5. shaanxo - Love Love Love this channel, its the most recent one i've came across and I just love her laid back approach to her videos - If I ever got the guts to start my own videos this would be how I do it, she uploads loads of 'chit chat getting ready' videos and does a lot of fun, easy make up! 

6. vintageortacky - Last but no means least Vintage or Tacky, first of she's so funny to watch, she doesn't take herself to seriously and she does thee most outrageous amazing eye make up! Like me she loves disney and she's done a lot of really creative disney inspired looks! her 'normal' Make Up is also brilliant and again watch her if your after more of an out there bold Make Up look! 

So there you go 6 of my fav youtube Guru's, there are thousands of Make Up videos on YouTube, and yes I've probably watched them all haha but these are my definite favourites, from nice easy low budget to dramatic high end products theres something for everyone! Click on the links you like, and once you've watched the video click on their name and it will take you to all of their videos, probably about 600 odd videos between then, so happy watching - hope your inspired like I was :) 

Lots looooooove!

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