Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My favourite lip sticks!

I love lippy, it can change your whole face, tie in colours from your outfit or just jazz up plain make up if your not in the mood to spend time on a dramatic eye but want a dramatic look or you could use soft pinks and glosses for a simple pretty look! 

So heres just a few of my favourites (please excuse the spots, no foundation ha) - 

Revlon Colour Burst £7.00 from Superdrug

 - 090 Sweet Tart

- 015 Tuti Frutti

- 045 Cotton Candy

I love these lipsticks for every day use, but I have a feeling I wont be using them as much during the winter there defiantly summer colours, but I'd defiantly buy the same product in different colours as I love the way these glide on, they have a shimmer to them, to be honest there more like lip glosses but with better pigment! So if your lucky and still have a holiday coming up in the sun I would recommend these, especially Cotton Candy it's really shimmery and glossy! 

Maybelline New York - Colour Sensation £7.19

- 175 Pink Punch

AMAZINGGGG!!!! Think the picture says it all!! this is my go to lip stick for a night out, I really should mix it up but heyhoo if you love something?! This lipstick like the Revlon ones just glides on with no effort, its really shinny so if you prefer a Matt lipstick then heres a lal tip ;) blot your lips with a tissue then use a loose face powder I always use Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder, just put a bit on your finger and blot it onto the lips - two lip sticks in one ;)

MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner £ 4.99

- 10 Red Rose 

Yes a lip liner, if you want a Matt finish that will and I promise last ALL day then lip liners are the best, I know there meant to line your lips but it honestly lasts all days so break the 'rules' I wear this lip liner everyday with just foundation, blush and mascara - easy peasy lemon squizzy!   

- 500 Diva red 

This just adds more depth and a shine to the lipliner above and I think they work really well together as the Diva Red on its own is a little dark the liner all over your lip brightens it up a bit!! I love Red lips, I think everyone can pull it off with the right shade! 

If you’ve got brown or black hair with a warm complexion then look for shades of red with a brown base. Lipsticks that use words like, deep orange, golden red and coral to describe the shade is what you’re looking for. If yourcomplexion is on the cooler side then try cherry reds, plum and burgundy.

Blondes with a warm complexion can get away with coral red, orange red, or copper red. While cool complexions should give anything described as dusty rose, plum pink, light red/rose or any red with a blue undertone a go.

Redheads with a warm complexion should go for orangey, brighter shades of red. While those with a cool complexion can pull off blue toned reds (which make teeth look whiter) and darker reds like plum, berry and brick. 

So theres a few of my fav's.. Whats your favourite?! 


  1. I get so stuck with lipsticks! I never feel like they look right on me. I have quite small lips and feel they just draw un needed attention to what I'd class as my worst facial feature. Any suggestions?

    1. Contouring your lips will make a massive difference! You want lighter colours rather than dark! So I'd suggest going to Superdrug or Boots, pick up a lip liner in a light colour you like then get a lip gloss two shades lighter than the lip liner. Use the liner to line your lips, you can line slightly outside your lip line! Once you've lined them use the liner to fill in rest of your lips focusing the liner on the outter part of your lips leaving the middle bit of your lips free that's where you'll put the lipgloss! Use the gloss all over your lips but focus on and make the middle the brightest point! It'll make the allusion of fuller lips! Does that make any sence at all? Ha think I'll make a picture blog post ;) ha x

  2. I think I need a step by step tutorial ;) I've always wanted fuller lips. Day to day I don't really bother with makeup other than mascara and the only lip colour I'd ever call a staple is the benefit lip tint in posie. I think I need to start making more of an effort, if only to boost my self esteem! x