Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So here goes..

Hey Guys and Dolls, welcome to my blog - Make up obsession and Anxiety confessions! 

My names Jade I'm from a Cumbria, The Lake District and if you haven't guessed from my blog title I am obsessed with all things beauty, Make Up, Hair, Skin Care - I LOVE it all so I thought why not start a blog and talk about the things I'm buying, loving, hating, OOTD and all that jazz :) I love buying new products and I am constantly getting new things, I love trying everything and experimenting with different products so why not write a blog and share my thoughts and things I've learnt!  

I have always loved Make Up, but my passion for it has doubled over the last year, which brings me to the second part of my title, Anxiety. I'm anxious just writing this and 'baring' all the the world - well who ever chooses to follow this, but it's something extremely close to my heart and I want to talk about my experience, what I'm going through and hopefully help somebody! YES I suffer from Anxiety, the big tabu 'Mental Health' and I know it sounds cheesy but Make Up and beauty has really helped me through the past year, any one who knows about Anxiety or have gone or is going through it will understand it's near impossible to stay focused on anything other than the Anxiety so with me being able to find something I love and I am passionate about is amazing.

Enough of the seriousness, gezz I've made out this is going to be all serious, trust me its not :) I'm just here to hopefully inspire somebody, to help them find a new lipstick that makes them feel one in a million or show somebody that they are not  alone, and it does get better :)   

Any way, I won't blab on I'm sure I'll be doing lots of that soon :) I really hope you enjoy my thoughts, pictures, reviews and help on all things beauty and my journey and surviving Anxiety :)                         

Lots and lots of love,


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