Thursday, 11 October 2012

I'm on YouTube ;)

Hi guys,

We all know I like reading beauty blogs, but I LOVE watching beauty how to vids. On one of my visits to my cousin's house, the crazy Eriinbrowne Photoart ;) we decided to try our hand at it.

It was about 10:30pm and Erin decides to direct a beauty how to video. Jasmin was the model, poor love she was ill with tonsillitis at the time, and I of course was the amazing make-up artist. I must stress that I am not a make-up artist and have had no formal training, I'm also not pretending to be. I am a beauty enthusiast... no obsessive and I love to share that with anyone and everyone :)

We were just messing around and it was purely for no one's entertainment but our own. We opened the clips in iMovie and upon finding out how hilarious we actually are, we agreed it would be selfish to never share this gem with you all :)

So enjoy and remember this is not serious and while the tips mentioned are good solid beauty tips we are just having a laugh. Also we are not trying to insult anyone that does this seriously as we LOVE video BLOGS :D

So thank you to Jasmin for putting up with us even though she was poorly, and thank you Erin for editing the clips and making me a star :P lol.

And thanks for watching this with a light hearted approach, gotta laugh at yourself haven't you

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  1. This made me giggle :)

    Also, I had NO CLUE how to contour so I actually learnt something from this. Wahoo. xx