Thursday, 18 October 2012

The BEST way to apply foundation!!!!

So I am a Make up brush junkie, I love buying new brushes to try and get that flawless finish to my foundation so of course I HAD to try this when I saw rave reviews all over the Internet. This strange looking sponge is called a Beauty Blender or as I like to call it, the miracle worker! The Beauty Blender is a hard-ish sponge that once ran under water doubles in size, turns squidgy, damp (of course) and really soft. This sponge is in my opinion the best way to apply foundation, I find myself never reaching for any of my other Make up brushes as they just don't give me the same, flawless, even complexion this does.

This method of applying foundation is prefect for all skin types, especially if you have a lot of spots to cover or you have dry skin, anyone with dry skin and spots know a foundation brush irritates any spots you have, making them more inflamed and red and hard to cover, using a brush also emphasises any dry flaky skin you have. Where as the Beauty Blender, because it is damp from running it under cold water sheers out your foundation, making your foundation a lot easier to build up, I find myself applying one layer of foundation, then applying a second to completely cover all my spots. I know this sounds like a lot of Make up but because you are sheering out the foundation you are applying less and an extremely light layer, therefore applying a second layer to me just feels like having one layer of foundation on. This method of applying foundation is also my fav as you press the sponge onto your skin to spread and blend, rather than rubbing, pressing the foundation onto your skin makes your skin looks flawless, you have no brush marks and no flaky bits from rubbing your skin. Another plus to this sponge is because its damp it feels really nice on your skin, prefect for angry sore red spots.

How to use a Beauty Blender:

  1. Run your Beauty Blender under cold water, keep squeezing out the excess water
  2. Once the Beauty Blender has doubled in size you know it's ready to use
  3. Turn the tap off and squeeze until all the excess water is out of the sponge, you want the sponge damp not soaking!
  4. I normally give my sponge a bit of a towel dry to make sure it's not too wet
  5. Apply a 'blob' (Can't think of a better word) of your foundation to your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead
  6. Using the Beauty Blender start with the centre of your face, pat the sponge on your skin and start blending your foundation, use a 'pat and role' kind of motion
  7. Keep blending and patting your skin until you feel all your foundation is blended
  8. This method normally takes me like a minute it's really quick
  9. If you feel like you need more coverage, repeat the previous step until your desired effect, like I said I apply two layers.
You can also use the Beauty Blender to apply your loose setting powder, the water makes the loose powder really set your foundation!

You can buy a Beauty Blender from loads of different online stores, I got mine from BCC for £6.00 which I think is really cheap.


  1. After reading this I'm seriously considering getting one of these sponges! In the past sponges have made my make up look patchy in places, but this sounds really good! I may have to give sponges another go :)

    Lovely blog btw! :)

  2. You should get one, gives such an air brushed finish :)

    Thank you, you too! Xx

  3. I love my beauty blender aswell!! I find it fab to blend in the concealer under my eyes. Fabulous post will be following you now! Xx