Sunday, 24 February 2013

Make up look - Dramatic cat eye cut crease with glitter, using Urban Decay Naked 2

Welcome Jasmin or Min Min as we like to call her to my blog :)

So my little Sister Jasmin came round for tea last night, tea turned into her staying over and staying over meant I could do some make up on her, normal thing to do to your lil sis right?! I love doing my make up and as I want to pursue it as a career I take every chance to do my sisters make up so I can practice on someone I can make mistakes on. Doing something else's make up is so different to doing your own but so enjoyable!! I find it really calming in a way because I have to really focus on what I'm doing my mind just can't focus on anything else. I needed to practice doing eye liner on someone else, so we opted for this rather dramatic cat eye cut crease look and of course I thought I would blog about it :)

The first step to this look is creating the outline, I used Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner and my Sigma eye liner brush to create the shape. As you can see I did a normal winged eye line, extended it past the tear duct and drew a line above Jasmin's natural crease to create what is called a cut crease. Once you have your shape the rest is easy. I'd suggest drawing the line you draw to create the cut crease with you eyes open so you can see how it will look, making sure it's not too straight and has a nice curve to it. 

Next I put Verve from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette all over her lid up to the pretend crease, I chose Verve because we added silver glitter later on but you can pick what ever colour you fancy. 

After that I added Blackout from the Naked 2 palette on top of the eyeliner, making the line more intense, thinker and blended. I didn't blend the blackout as much as I normally would as I wanted an intense line. 

I don't think you can really tell in the picture but I added NYX Glitter on the go - Crystal to the lid. Using Mac's Fix+ on a brush to make the glitter stick to the lid.  

We then thought we may's well go for a little more drama so I extended the black to create a winged eye liner affect, taking it up to the eyebrow, this really extended Jasmin's natural eye shape. 

Add some lashes and there you go, a really dramatic, cat eye, glitter look. I really liked this look and if you've got the confidence to do it then go for it, it's a great look to change to any eye shape by just moving where you draw the fake crease, making this wearable for everyone!!

On the rest of Min Min's face - 

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer 
Mac Pro longwear Concealer - under her eyes
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Sleek Blush by 3 - Suger 364
Rimmel Apocalips - Luna (review here)

This look does look more complicated than it is, it's super easy and I didn't use a lot of products, just as long as you get the cut crease in the correct place then your good to go. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mac Archie's Girls - Betty Bright Lipstick; my thoughts and swatches..

Mac's Archie's girls collection has finally hit Mac after it's eagerly awaited launch!!! The Mac website say's "The ravishing rivals for Archie's affection inspire a colour collection celebrating their iconic personas. Smoulder in deep and seductive tones inspired by spoiled rich girl Veronica or beam like blonde-next-door Betty in soft and innocent shades for eyes and face. So gorgeous in exclusively designed packaging. Limited edition."

The difference between the Veronica's make up and Betty's make up is obvious. Veronica's make up has a lot of purple, deep dark tones, deep red and purple lipsticks where as Betty's make up is all sweetness and light with peach and pinky tones. Mac has done an amazing job describing each personality through just a colour. It's a really fun way to pick the colour you want because you can have a think about whether your a girl next door sweet and innocent like Betty or a bit of a sexy vixen like Veronica. The collection contains like every other Mac collection lipsticks, nail varnish, blush, lip gloss etc but the main thing that seems to be taking the blogging world by storm is the Pearl Matter Face Powder, they do look amazing and super beautiful but I couldn't afford a splurge so opted for just a lipstick instead. 

Like I mentioned above it's fun having a think about your personality and matching yourself to Veronica or Betty, I personally feel like I'm a bit of both depending on how I'm feeling and at the time of this order I was feeling like Betty so I had a look her the lipsticks and of course I picked Betty Bright. Betty Bright is a really vibrant light peachy coral colour and it's honestly the most perfect colour for the coming seasons - I'm a big believer in matching your lipstick to the weather so on Sunday when the weather played a bit of lets pretend it Summer for one day this was the first thing I reached for. The colour just totally brightens up your face, I did my make up as normal but as soon as I put this on I just looked healthier, the colour really brought out the yellowy, Orangey undertones in my skin and made me look like I had a bit of a tan, I was in love. I know me and Betty bright are going to have a beautiful love affair this Spring/Summer and I almost feel like I wont need to cheat on Betty Bright as this colour is everything you look for in a Summer time lipstick but I can't promise anything we all know when you walk past another pretty colour you just can't help yourself BUT this will be a definite top runner. 

Betty Bright is a Satin finish lippy, it's not super matte and it's not supper glossy and shiny, it's just right in the middle if anything a little more matte. The lipstick is really creamy and glides on your lips and like every other Mac lipstick it lasts. I did after an hr or so plus I ate had to re touch this but just because its such a bright, light colour it's a bit obvious when it's rubbed off in places but hey who cares who wouldn't want to go to the bathroom and wack this bad boy our for a retouch and show its super cute packaging off!!! The packaging is amazing, your going to love it or hate it, I love it, it's soooo cute I love the white and the cartoon character on the side showing you if it's part of Veronica's collection or Betty's. 

I don't really have much else to say about this lipstick like all Mac lipsticks it's amazing, Mac never fail on the lipstick front and yet again they've triumphed. I really hope I can afford some more from the Archie's girls collection soon but until then Betty Bright is definitely filling that hole!! 

Have you got anything from the collection yet? 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer; My Thoughts and swatches.

So I know I'm way behind with this blog post and every blogger and their dog has wrote a post on these lovely little things but I'm going to put my 10 pence worth in! 

I was ready to write this post a few weeks ago when they first hit the bloggin' world but I found myself on Boots website ordering three more.. whoops! So here I am writing about the six colours I have out of the eight available. 

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer are basically a lipstick and a lip gloss in one, they have the pigmentation of a lipstick and the glossy shine of a lip gloss with out being sticky. They have a satin finish and feel amazing on the lips, there really creamy and do leave a stain on your lips, but if your after a lip stain then these arn't anything to write home about, your going to get these purely for there extremely rich pigmentation. The colour pay off from these little wonders is AMAZING!!! I have really dry lips so wearing lipstick sometimes is really a pain in zee behind, but wearing these is quick and easy because there super duper creamy so don't leave your lips dry or showing icky flaky bits on your lips. 

I bought my six from Boots on line, there £5.99 each but because Boots is so kind and always have the three for two offer on I couldn't help picking up three each time I ordered them. I have the colours Stella, Celestial, Apocaliptic, Luna, Nova and Big Bang. 

I personally love these, they do last a long time, they have amazing colour pay off and there so easy to apply with the doe-foot applicator, all in all I would highly recommend these :) 

First up, Stella YES I HAVE SPELT IT WRONG ON THE PICTURE BUT I'M TO LAZY TO CHANGE IT. I do apologise. Stella is a bright Neon Coral Red. It's really different to any other Coral I have, normally Coral colours have a Orangey or Pinky undertone but with this one I find it has a Red undertone.

Celestial is like your lip colour but better, it's a Plumy Pinky colour and it looks extremely natural on the lips. 

Apocaliptic is a really bright Fuschia Pink.

I have to be honest and say Luna is my least favourite of the six, it just sheems harder to work with, like it's less pigmented but the colour once it's on and you've worked with it for a little bit is amazing. It's a really neutral Orange nude colour and will look amazing in the Summer with a bit of a tan. This is the only one I feel  you need a lip liner with. 

Nova is a really beautiful subtle light pink with a slight purple undertone making it really wearable. Light Pinks never work on my but this one really does!! 

Big Bang is that kind of Red that makes your teeth look super White and it's a proper Red Red with no Pink or Purple undertones to it. 

I find the best way to apply these is to flip the doe-foot up side down and use the pointy-est bit to line your lips first then turn the doe-foot back and apply all over your lips, leave it for a little while to dry and apply a second layer. All the colours are really build able, making them all wearable during the day but I prefer a bright lip so some of them might not be to everyone's taste. One warning, this stuff will get on your teeth so I always stick a finger in my mouth close my mouth and pull my finger out, this takes off all the excess colour that will get on your teeth and also sounds really weird, ma bad! 

Have you tried any of the Apocalips Lip Lacquer? 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Friday night is 'Pamper Night' - How a crazy 21 year old spends her Friday nights, including Mr Face Mask!

Every girl or guy deserves one night a week for 'me' time - my me time includes a bath, a face mask, lots of bubbles and relaxing!! 

My me time happens every Friday, after tea I run myself a hot bath, pore in far to much bubble bath, light the candles and get my fav products out and have a little at home spa night! I also use spa night to get all the things done you can't do in the shower, like exfoliate and wack on a face mask! I honestly look forward to Friday nights - not for the typical 21 year old reason I know but hey. I think this is perfect to get you ready for the weekend or having a spa night on a Sunday to get ready for the week, or you can be extra crazy and do both! (ask the bill payers permission before you go running yourself a bath every night ha) So I'm guna get all up close and personal with you and talk you through my weekly me time, at home spa routine! 

First of there HAS to be bubbles, it's not a relaxing bath unless there's a hefty amount of bubble bath! Bubbles remind me of being a kid, pretending to be Santa and making a beard, I know I wasn't the only one so don't lie!! To be honest I just use any bubble bath but I LOVE The Royal Horticultural Society, Passion Flower Bath Relaxant by Bronnley, "Bronnley Passion Flower bath relaxant has natural soothing properties, and is blended with the healing qualities of Arnica, widely used in homeopathy to treat stiffness, bruising and shock. These therapeutic natural extracts will help you experience the delights of a leisurely bath." And that is does, it smells amazing and you honestly feel less tense when you get out the bath, yes that could be simply down to the bath but I'm sure this helps! I also like Sanctuary, Luxury bath float, also smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling ubber soft. 

The first thing I do is clean my face, I recently got some stuff of Origins and got some free testers so I've been testing out Modern Friction, Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion and it's brilliant, I'll definitely be getting the full size even though it's £31 :( Origins website say's -

"Sand-blasting skin with coarse, chemical crystals? How painfully passe. Here's age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation.
Skin-refining Rice Starch cushioned in cream, rapidly removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolourations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Vitamin C mops up skin-menacing free radicals.
There's no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. Signs of lines and size of pores appear to shrink.
Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous."

It leaves my skin feeling really soft, I've only used it a handful of times so haven't noticed that my dark spots are going which it claims to do but I'll have to try it out more to give an opinion. Even if I see no difference in my dark spot's I'll still buy the full size simple because my skin feels like new afterwards. 

I Shouldn't of included the mask in the picture because I use it last but heyho I'll tell you about it here anyway. Origins Out of Trouble face mask, Origins website say's - 

"When skin is too-slick, or when more pressing problems start to pop up, it's Origins to the rescue to keep skin out of trouble. Nature's trouble-shooters, including super-absorbent Zinc Oxide and Sulfur, calming Camphor plus skin-sloughing, rapidly respond to problem skin's plight with a three-part plan - sop up oily-shine, slough off sticky, dead cells, and sweep away irksome debris. Together they steer skin clear of slippery situations, refine rough texture and pull the plug on troublemakers to oust potential outbursts.

Best for oily and combination skin."

It definitely soaks up oily-shine, my face feels really moisturised yet oil free after ten minutes with this on. You can really feel this mask working, it has a strong smell to it and it feels like your rubbing Vix on your face but it work's and there's nothing wrong with a minty smell! I have really bad spot prone skin and when I have this on it feels like what toothpaste feels like when you stupidly put it on your face ha like it's sucking up all the oilyness and killing all the nasty germs on your face. It's a really good mask and it's made me want to try more from Origins. 

After I've cleaned my face I wash my hair with what ever shampoo I'm using at the time, and then it's time for some deep conditioner. I only use this conditioner once a week otherwise it would just weigh my hair down. I'm currently using John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioning Mask £6.29 at Boots. I absolutely smother my hair in this stuff, making sure I really get the ends of my hair then tie my hair up and leave it to work it's magic while I get on with the rest of my bath. Since I bleached my hair my ends have been horrible, super duper dry but using this once a week along with my normal conditioner has really helped, there not dry and frizzy anymore and actually look healthy woo! 

Now I'm waiting for the conditioning mask to work it's magic I can get on with actually getting clean ha. I like to use Soap and Glory Clean, Girls body wash, my normal shower gel is a Dove one, the one that smells like peaches? AHH I love that stuff but in my 'spa night' I like to use something that doesn't have such a punch that's going to wake me up. Clean, Girls has a shimmer to it so your getting out the bath feeling all shiny, in a good way and it smells amazing like every Soap and Glory product! Then comes exfoliating and there's only one product out there for me and that's once again Soap and Glory, Flake Away - If you haven't tried this stuff then get your shoe's on and get yourself to Boots, it's bloody fantastic, it has thee most out of this world smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it, I've been told there's a perfume that smells just like it but can't remember what?! So yeh it smells amazing and it actually works, you just rub it into your skin and you feel like a baby afterwards, I only do this once a week in the bath because A. it's really hard to exfoliate in the shower :/ and B. You don't want to over exfoliate your skin. 

Once all the exfoliating magic has gone down I wash out my conditioner and put on the Origins Face Mask that I talked about up there ^^ and just chill while the face mask works. If like me you have an extremely inconsiderate Boyfriend who even though you have told him your having a "relaxing bath" still chooses to kill zombies on his Play Station and shout about it then maybe you wanna play some music to drown him out, it helps :) or read a magazine or just lay there with just your thoughts, up to you it's your time. Once I'm all relaxed I put on my favourite Pj's and go watch Walking Dead, Thank you FOX for finally putting it back on!!!!! They couldn't of left it on more of a hanger than they did!! 

So that is my weekly home made spa routine, nothing to write home about I know but I enjoy the me time and the pampering and actually enjoying doing to things I neeeeeed to do like exfoliate and deep condition my hair - it's a must in Jade's world!

Do you have a me time night?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

GIVEAWAY - Mac Eye Shadow and Mac Lipstick of your choice!!

When I started my blog I never expected to have any followers let alone reach 50 so when I reached 50 GFC I knew I wanted to do a give away to say thank you!! I wanted to give away my personal favourite Mac lipstick and eye shadow but what I like might not suit you so I'm giving you the chance to win one Mac Lipstick of your choice AND one Mac eye shadow of your choice! 

I've made it easy for you to enter all you need to do is fill out the RoffleCopter below and your in for a chance to win :)

The give away will run for one month, as I'm posting this late we'll say it's the 13th ;) 

Once the winner is picked, I will e-mail you about which colour you'd like, order the two colours you pick and post them to you.

The winner will win both the lipstick and eye shadow, these are not two different prices for two different winners.

This giveaway is for the UK only - sorry!

Good Luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**If the winner does not e-mail me back to confirm with in 48 hrs then a new winner will be picked**

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit; My thoughts.

We've all heard great things about Sigma Brushes, I don't think I've ever read a bad review so when I got some spondolies of my Dad for Christmas I knew what I wanted to buy!! I was after some new make up brushes and had seen lots of YouTube videos on this set of brushes from Sigma and instantly wanted them. 

Firstly I went to Sigma's website to order them but when I saw how much the shipping was I couldn't justify it, I think it was $14 for basic shipping then up to $51 for express mail and $61 for the brushes. So I did some shopping around which took me to Amazon, oh how I love Amazon!!! It has to be amazon.COM not as they are not sold in the UK unfortunately :( here's the link to where I bought them HERE buying them from I got them for £45 and free shipping, win win I say :) It only took I think just under two weeks for the brushes to arrive and trust me they were worth the wait, so finally after all that I shall get on with what I think about the Sigma Performance Eye Kit. 

The kit has eight brushes, some more loved than others but that's just purely down to how each individual applies their make up. The Performance eye kit was designed to allow precise application of eye shadows to create more in depth  precise looks. The brushes are a lot smaller than average make up brushes, this kit is perfect for people with smaller eyes or people who want a more precise look. I find using these brushes I have a lot more control on where each colour goes and how each colour looks all in all it's an amazing brush set. The kit includes - 

1. E47 - Shader - Crease 

This brush has natural bristles and it's really really soft, its perfect for applying shades onto the crease and really getting in there. I also love this brush for blending out the crease colour, you can pack on the colour with this brush and use it to blend the colour out. It has a tapered point so you can use the smallest point of the brush for really small precise areas. 

2. E56 - Shader - Lid 

This brush also has natural bristles and is really dense for such a small brush, it really packs the colour onto your lid. Once again you can really control where the colour goes.

3. E21 - Smudge 

This is one of my favourite's from the set, it has natural bristles and is really soft. This brush is perfect for applying eye shadow onto your lower lash line, and like it says smudge out the colour, you can also use this to apply a softer eyeliner look using a shadow to your upper lash line. 

4. E36 - Blending 

Love the Mac 217? Well meet his baby brother! This is basically the 217 but a lot smaller, it blends beautifully and it's perfect for when you want to blend a colour but want to control how far the colour is blended. This brush blends without spreading the colour all over your lid. 

5. E16 - Tightline Liner 

This brush is for pressing gel, cream or liquid products into the upper lash line. I personally haven't used this brush simply because I prefer not to apply anything on my upper lash line, this brush is synthetic so I'll probably end up using this for when I want to wet a brush to apply a really strong pigmented shadow on my lid as the other brushes are natural bristles so wont work well wet. 

6. E11 - Eye Liner

THANK YOU Sigma for this brush - I hate applying Gel liner, I'm just crap at it but with this brush I'm not, because it's so small its near impossible to mess up with it. 

7. E46 - Shader - Inner Corner

This brush is just like number 2, it's numbers two's mini me, this does exactly the same thing but its perfect for applying colour onto your inner corner and also onto your brow bone. 

8. E17 - Waterline Liner

Once again I haven't gotten round to using this brush because I don't wear eyeliner on my water line but if i were going to this would be perfect due to its size. 

As you can see in the picture above these brushes are tiny, compared to my rather small fingers it even looks small. These brushes are amazing quality, and do an amazing job! I cant see me ever not wanting to use these brushes, they just make things so much easier and I love them so 10/10 from me! If your after some new eye make up brushes I'd definitely recommend you go get these and if you live in America I'm extremely jealous!!

Liebster Award - YAY Thank you!!

So I was very kindly nominated for the Liebster award from three lovely bloggers, StaceyEmma and Nadja - Crazyness that these girls picked me so thank you all so much, just a shame there's no tag backs!

The Liebster award is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers, once nominated you have to do the following -

Post 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you
Nominate 3-4 bloggers and link them to your blog
Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
Go to their blog and let them know they've been nominated 
No tag backs

So 11 random facts about me

1. My birthday is Bonfire Night (5th November) which also means I LOVE fireworks!! 

2. I'm addicted to Pepsi - I really wish there was some help group for this, Hi I'm Jade and I'm a Pepsiholic.

3. My favourite colour is red, as if you couldn't guess eh.

4. I'm only 5'2 - Shorty

5. I am soon to become a God Mother to my besties beautiful baby Imogen - Such an honor!

6. I was meant to be called Bethan Jade.

7. I'm well and truly in love with everything Disney, Tinkerbell is my favourite! Every Christmas my mum buys me these hand made Tinkerbell ornaments and yes I'm 21 :D

8. I'm the oldest, I have a younger Brother and Sister and have two step Sisters and two step Brothers. 

9. I moved to Manchester when I was 19 to go to uni but hated it and come home - Home Bird for life!!

10. I live in Cumbria, right next to the Lake District and I never want to leave. It's thee most beautiful place in the world.

11. Before I moved to Manchester I work at a Multi Cultural Service, I absolutely loved that job! 

Stacey's questions

1 - What has been your favourite holiday?
My boyfriend took me to Paris for my 21st last November and we went to Disney Land - it was amazing! 

2 - What is your favourite film?
I honestly don't have one, I love lots of films :)

3 - One thing you can't leave the house without?
My phone - like everyone ha 

4 - What is your favourite perfume?
Emporio Armani Diamond

5 -Who do you look up to?
My Mum and Dad - Both been through so much and never let it affect the way they brought me and my Brother and Sister up. 

6 - What is your favourite book? 
Scott Barnes About Face, if you can class that as a book? It's a Make Up book so counts in my eyes ;)

7 - Who is your favourite blogger?

8 - What is your favourite season?
Definitely Summer!! Me, my boyfriend and his mam always eat outside in the garden when it's hot - ahhh hurry up warmth and sunshine!!

9 - Your favourite brand of brushes?
I love Real Techniques and Sigma

10 - What is your favourite pizza topping?
Plain ol' Margerita, Boring?

11 - Your favourite shade of blush?
MUA Blush Shade one - it's a beautiful pale pink colour! and only £1 or £2?

Emma's questions

1. What is your favourite Make up brand?
Hmmmm honestly don't have one, I love lots of different ones for different reasons.

2. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lipstick :)

3. Do you have any hobbies other than beauty stuff?
No, I'm really boring ha I love blogging, and the rest of the time I'm spending time with my family or friends - suppose socialising can be a hobby right?

4. If you could visit any country, where would it be and what would you do?
I really want to go travelling, but to pick one I'd say Florida to go to all the theme parks. I went when I was 12 but barely remember it.

5.What is your dream job and why?
I want to be a Make-Up Artist, and I will be one day ha. I love how Make-Up makes me feel and would love to make other women feel that way, especially on their Wedding day. If not I'd also love to be a counsellor, after going to counselling myself I'd love to be able to help and support someone the way I was supported.

6. Do you have any pets?
I have a Dog called Holly, she's a Border Terrier and is freeking adorable

Holly when she was a cone head - bless her! 

7. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Definitely meeting and talking to like minded people, there's only so much Make Up talk a boyfriend can take ha. I also love taking the pictures and editing them.

8. What is the most you have spent on a beauty product?
Hmmm not a lot really, £25 on a Mac Foundation? 

9. What is your favourite memory? 
Swimming with dolphin's for my 13th birthday in Florida

10. Cosy night in or crazy night out?
Used to be Crazy night out but I'm an oldy now so Cozy night in :)

Nadja's questions

1. Name one beauty product you could not live without?
Ahhh so hard, I need them all ha erm, my L'oreal Telescopic Mascara! God send!

2. What part of your body are you most insecure about? why?
Honestly, I'm not an insecure person when it comes to my body - I'm not saying I think I'm perfect I just think I'm very lucky that when I was growing up I never once thought 'Oh I'm fat or my legs touch at the top etc' I think I have my Mum to thank for that. I know I have faults that I'd like to improve, who wouldn't want a flat stomach? but I can't say I'm insecure. On the other hand I'm very insecure about people liking me or peoples opinion on me! I hate the thought of someone not liking me because of my personality because you can't change that but hey you can't change how different people feel, not everyone is everyone's cup of tea. 

3. Name 3 of your happy qualities. 
Argh this is hard, erm I'm a very positive person, I'm very loyal and I think I'm very supportive. 

4. Which do you love the most? - Snow? Rain and Rainbows? or Sunshine?
Easy, Sunshine :D 

5. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
On a beach somewhere, really hot, with my boyfriend Chris. 

6. What is your dream job?
Again Make up Artist or Counsellor. 

7. What style of shoe is your favourite - Pumps? Sandals? Dolly Shoes? Boots? Etc.
Dolly Shoes - Simple and easy! 

8. Recommend a good TV series to Watch.
Stella on Sky 1 - Fridays at 9pm, it's soooo funny!! 

9. What is your favourite Make Up brand? Why?
Again I can't pick just one :(

10. What one product do you have in your shower? 
Soap and Glory Flake Away, Smells and leaves you feeling amazing!!! 

Blogs I nominate - 

My 11 questions

1. All time favourite lipstick?

2. What is your favourite High Street shop?

3. If you could be anyone for the day who would it be and why?

4. Do you have any random beauty tips or tricks?

5. If you could only wear four products on your face what would they be?

6. McDonalds or KFC? 

7. Who is your favourite blogger? and their link.

8. Why did you start blogging?

9. What is your favourite quote that you live by? 

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

11. If you could only buy Make Up or Clothes which would you pick?