Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit; My thoughts.

We've all heard great things about Sigma Brushes, I don't think I've ever read a bad review so when I got some spondolies of my Dad for Christmas I knew what I wanted to buy!! I was after some new make up brushes and had seen lots of YouTube videos on this set of brushes from Sigma and instantly wanted them. 

Firstly I went to Sigma's website to order them but when I saw how much the shipping was I couldn't justify it, I think it was $14 for basic shipping then up to $51 for express mail and $61 for the brushes. So I did some shopping around which took me to Amazon, oh how I love Amazon!!! It has to be amazon.COM not .co.uk as they are not sold in the UK unfortunately :( here's the link to where I bought them HERE buying them from amazon.com I got them for £45 and free shipping, win win I say :) It only took I think just under two weeks for the brushes to arrive and trust me they were worth the wait, so finally after all that I shall get on with what I think about the Sigma Performance Eye Kit. 

The kit has eight brushes, some more loved than others but that's just purely down to how each individual applies their make up. The Performance eye kit was designed to allow precise application of eye shadows to create more in depth  precise looks. The brushes are a lot smaller than average make up brushes, this kit is perfect for people with smaller eyes or people who want a more precise look. I find using these brushes I have a lot more control on where each colour goes and how each colour looks all in all it's an amazing brush set. The kit includes - 

1. E47 - Shader - Crease 

This brush has natural bristles and it's really really soft, its perfect for applying shades onto the crease and really getting in there. I also love this brush for blending out the crease colour, you can pack on the colour with this brush and use it to blend the colour out. It has a tapered point so you can use the smallest point of the brush for really small precise areas. 

2. E56 - Shader - Lid 

This brush also has natural bristles and is really dense for such a small brush, it really packs the colour onto your lid. Once again you can really control where the colour goes.

3. E21 - Smudge 

This is one of my favourite's from the set, it has natural bristles and is really soft. This brush is perfect for applying eye shadow onto your lower lash line, and like it says smudge out the colour, you can also use this to apply a softer eyeliner look using a shadow to your upper lash line. 

4. E36 - Blending 

Love the Mac 217? Well meet his baby brother! This is basically the 217 but a lot smaller, it blends beautifully and it's perfect for when you want to blend a colour but want to control how far the colour is blended. This brush blends without spreading the colour all over your lid. 

5. E16 - Tightline Liner 

This brush is for pressing gel, cream or liquid products into the upper lash line. I personally haven't used this brush simply because I prefer not to apply anything on my upper lash line, this brush is synthetic so I'll probably end up using this for when I want to wet a brush to apply a really strong pigmented shadow on my lid as the other brushes are natural bristles so wont work well wet. 

6. E11 - Eye Liner

THANK YOU Sigma for this brush - I hate applying Gel liner, I'm just crap at it but with this brush I'm not, because it's so small its near impossible to mess up with it. 

7. E46 - Shader - Inner Corner

This brush is just like number 2, it's numbers two's mini me, this does exactly the same thing but its perfect for applying colour onto your inner corner and also onto your brow bone. 

8. E17 - Waterline Liner

Once again I haven't gotten round to using this brush because I don't wear eyeliner on my water line but if i were going to this would be perfect due to its size. 

As you can see in the picture above these brushes are tiny, compared to my rather small fingers it even looks small. These brushes are amazing quality, and do an amazing job! I cant see me ever not wanting to use these brushes, they just make things so much easier and I love them so 10/10 from me! If your after some new eye make up brushes I'd definitely recommend you go get these and if you live in America I'm extremely jealous!!


  1. Thanks for the Amazon link! Great review.

    Hazel X

  2. good brushes make such a difference and these are amazing, the small brushes give you more control and make things like gel liner so much more easier :) x

  3. I've heard good things about sigma brushes and these look great! I'm using real techniques at the moment because my boyf got me a set for xmas, they are good but I will probably try some different brands as I build my brush collection :) X


  4. Great review honey! These brushes are in my wish list! Thank you for the amazon link! :D