Friday, 1 March 2013

Spot zapping gel that actually works!

How are all you lovely lot?! I've had a crazy week, well for me anyway with lots of different plans and now it's Friday afternoon I can finally take some time to blog!! First of this week I started the process of Befriending which I talked about here so that's exciting. Secondly on Tuesday I attended my local college and took part in a Bridal Make Up short course which was just for the day and was brilliant, for me to be some where for a whole SIX HOURS on my own with out my normal security blanket otherwise known as my family was super duper scary but I did it, I did get anxious but I ignored it and completed the course. I think when you really want something and you genuinely want to be there it makes your anxiety seem insignificant and the want over powers the need to leave so yeh that was exciting and has given me a taste for courses and now I'm google mad trying to find more make up courses which is proving difficult in my little town to find! My boyfriend's mum actually signed me up for the course with out telling me as she attends the college full time studying massage therapy so when she attended college the next day the tutor I had on Tuesday went to find Carol to tell her that I have a natural amazing ability with make up and that I will go far with it so that was mahoosive ego boost ha not very often we get one of them is it! well that was a long into, can tell I don't get out much eh!

Today I want to talk about Lush's Grease Lightening Spot Treatment, I've had this one bottle which you can get here for £5.95 for 45g for well over 5 months and there's still half left so I feel I am in the position to finally give me honest opinion on it and in my opinion its bloody amazing! 

Grease Lightning is a gel that you put on your face to fight spots. Lush uses Carrageen moss and seaweed to make the clear gel as seaweed is very softening and won't dry out the skin. Grease lightning also contains Aloe Vera gel to soothe and mousturise, seawater for antiseptic properties, Grape juice to cool and calm the skin, Thyme, Rosemary and tea tree herb infusion are used for the gel to be antibacterial, Which Hazel and Tea Tree oil which is a powerful antiseptic. Everything it claims to do it does, the gel isn't drying at all if anything it kind of makes it smoother and it really does get rid of your spots, I think its the Tea Tree. Tea Tree is the best kind of oil, it gets rid of everything like cold sores and spots.

The gel is clear so goes on clear and wet which then drys, it does dry flaky but I only use this at night time so that't not a problem. It says to just put it on your spots but I take one pump to each area of my face, all over! I think this works better as it prevents any new spots sprouting their ugly heads. If I don't use this for just one night I will wake up with spots that's how bad my skin is at the moment so using this every night after cleansing, toner and moisturiser is a must. 

This product really does work and I have tried everything to keep my spots at bay! Highly recommended product!! 

Have you tried Grease Lightening and fallen in love like I have?


  1. I love this as well but haven't tried putting it all over my face! I might have to give that a go one day :)

    Samantha xx

    1. I used to use it just on my spots but once I tried it all over my face I haven't looked back haha xx

  2. I've been looking at this for a while but I was a little worried it would make me break out.. I may actually try it now! Thank you!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award but I just saw you have already done one, whoops.. If you want you can still have a look at my post on it! :)


  3. i haven't use this product, but i bought a black soap agains acne and it didn't help me :(

  4. This product sounds great! I'm forever looking for something that will sort my skin out.. think I'll definitely purchase this now xx