Thursday, 8 August 2013

Favourite Youtube Beauty Guru's - Updated!

Hello you lovely lot, one of my first ever posts I wrote included my favourite Beauty guru's on YouTube, with that being nearly a year ago now and having discovered a load more amazing talent on the interweb I thought I'd do an update! 

I luuuurv YouTube, I watch more YouTube than Tele. I find it entertaining and educational and it's gotten me through a very hard time so with out further a do here are my YouTube faveys, I hope this helps you discover some new amazing talent to watch!! 

My first pick is my ABSOLUTE FAV YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, I judge this by the fact if I see she's uploaded I'll stop what I'm doing to watch her. Her channel is so Make Up based and that's what I love, she's worked at Mac and has some amazing ideas and techniques. The rest aren't in any particular order :)

Kathleen from Kathleen Lights - I think she's pretty new to YouTube but her videos are brilliant, very informative and she's just got a lovely personality, which is another must to me!! I can't watch someone who bores me!! 

Allison from Allinicoleee - Another fav due to her brilliant Make Up skills, another channel totally dedicated to her love of Make Up!

Tanya Burr - I think there's a pattern forming ha, another channel I love because of her Make Up ideas and tutorials.

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter - Is still beauty based but isn't a channel full of tutorials, Louise uploads more hauls, reviews and life videos. She's such an easy watch and ALWAYS makes me laugh! And baby Glitter is to die for, soooooo cute!

Judy and her adorable family from It's Judy's life - I discovered Judy on her beauty channel but since then have fallen in love with her little adorable family and their daily vlogs.

Sammie from Sammie460 - A very recent discovery but I had to include her channel, very informative videos with a really easy to watch personality.

Lauren Curtis - Lauren creates very dramatic Make Up looks buuut that's what I like soooo. 

Nicole Guerriero - Nicole does a good mixture of tutorials and hauls, reviews, etc. Another lovely personality to watch!

Melmphs - I have to be honest and say it did take me a little while to like BLA BLA but now I love her super happy personality, she's a joy to watch!

Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo - Everybody and their dog watches Sam and BLA BLA but I had to include them! another purely Make Up based channel with LOADS of amazing content, tips, ideas and inspiration.

Sharon Farrell - Sharon creates amazing looks and is super talented!! 

So there we go, my favourite YouTube Guru's. I didn't include any from my previous post but they are also included in this list, you can read that here but please don't mind the terrible post :/ 


  1. Well i'm from Ireland, and throughout Ireland bono and the lads are unquestionably liked and also could certainly not do really much incorrect, we all love them.
    jeux de fille

  2. I love all of these too! They are all so talented! :)

  3. Nikkia Joy is also a really talented Youtube Beauty guru!

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